Baggy (8er)

You are unique and kind and different from the others?


Cars, Watchers and Women are just ordinary gifts. Now

you got the total GLAMOUR Gift incl. smilefactor. 

With us you turn any shit into your favorite hit.

Today your Beard! The Glitter-beard is totally hip with all the ladies


Usage suggestion:

1 - 3. Admine your beard.

4.     Take same hairspray

5.      With a distance of 40cm spray into your beard.

6.      Pour the content of 1 STG pill on your hand.

7.      Run with your glittery hand through your beard.

8.      Look into the mirror and continue to admire your


9.       Love it and snap a picture by Insta.

10.     Continue with your silly smile and join the next party.


  • Content: ca. 8 Glitzerpillen *
  • Colour: Mix
  • Size: ca. 6 x 8 cm
  • Besonderheit: vegan, ohne Gluten, laktosearm, strictly fair

Hipster gives you the opportunity to prove it to everyone! All you need is this baggy and sexy beard!

Super styling tip: spray some hair spray into your hipster beard and lovingly spread the glitter on it! The ladies are on it!


Every product is handmade, stuffed and packed for you.
* Note: The pills are not suitable for consumption! Keep out of the reach of children and animals.

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Your Birthday Baggy (customize)



A unique presents which makes everybody smile!


  • Size: about 6 x 8 cm
  • Colour: Mix
  • Content: about 8 glitter pills *


You want something special and personal? Then use our customize-option!

Create an individual Birthday-Greeting for the attached Congrat-Pill or even an own Picture** on the packing.

This present will be unforgettable.


Every product is made by hand extra for you!


*Warning: This product ist not edible. Keep away from children and animals.

**Pictures have to be sent with the Order-No. via E-Mail at shop@shittheglitter.com. The Greeting-Sentence can be added at the end of the order and can't be longer than 70 characters. We aren't liable for any mistakes in the writing or the content of the text nor the pictures.

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