It's glittering? It's beautiful? I WANT IT!

Greta Special Edition

You know the hesitation, the disgust, when you head to the portaloo. With our STG-Pills this traumatic experience is easy to conquer, our motivation support gives you the engery to just get it done! Nothing is easier than: open - sprinkle - twinkle



  •      about 8 glitter pills *
  •      Color: Greta (biodegradable)
  •      Size: about 6 x 8 cm

As do not worry - be ECO


Beauty tip: The pills help you to get the perfect dosage for your shit.

Facts: Pills are vegan, the glitter is biodegradable.
Each product is handmade, stuffed and packed for you.
* Note: The pills are not suitable for consumption! Keep out of the reach of children and animals.



6,24 €

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Special Shit

For your safety we buy our glitter only from a German producer, who is producing beauty- and tinker glitter. This glitter is way different to the standard glitter from the far east!
From 2018 we also will have biodegradable glitter. Furthermore our pills are still vegan!
Our working conditions are strictly fair and you get 100% handmade in Germany.

Warning: This is a joke product. It's not edible and should be kept away from children and animals!
By buying the customer takes over the liability and has the responsibility for the use.

Important: If a pill is swallowed by accident, please drink a lot of water!