Xmas- Boxing Day Edition (customize)

Baggy (8pcs) incl. Xmas message


The slightly different and special christmas gift. Perfect for those who want more fun beneath the christmas tree.

  • Content: ca. 7 glitterpills* + motto pill
  • Colour: Mix
  • Size: ca. 6,5 x 12,5 cm

You want to create your very own gift? We make it possible!
You can easily make a personal Xmas message** for the added motto pill.

With us you can create a very own and unique gift.

Every product is made by hand extra for you!


*Warning: This product ist not edible. Keep away from children and animals.

**Your personal message can not be longer than 70 characters and has to be added at the end of the order. We aren't liable for any mistakes in the writing or the content of the text

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Flamingo (Specialedition)

Baggy (8er)


You like glitter? And you like it pink?
Then our "Special Edition - Flamingo" is just right for you!

The summer does not last forever, so "only for a short time!"



  •      about 8 glitter pills *
  •      Color: pink (biodegradable)
  •      Size: about 6 x 8 cm

Every Sh! T is a hit:
- on partys
- as a beauty product
- or just as a gag
... just open, sprinkle and rejoice!

Because if the Sh * t really steams, get the glitter out!

As do not worry - be flamingo!


Beauty tip: The pills help you to get the perfect dosage for your nails.

Facts: Pills are vegan, the glitter is biodegradable.
Each product is handmade, stuffed and packed for you.
* Note: The pills are not suitable for consumption! Keep out of the reach of children and animals.


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