Your Birthday Baggy (customize)


 A unique presents which makes everybody smile!

Roses, chocolates, trips give others.

You hold the GLAMOR poison in your hands here.

Here someone knows you exactly, because with Shit the Glitter

you turn every SHIT into your personal hit.


How to use:

1. Go to the restroom

2.Think about all the stress you had the last days

3. Put all your energy into your business

4. open a pill and sprinkle it over your poo until your are happy

5. Just be happy about what you just did and snap it on insta.

6. Smile and flush it away


  • Size: about 6 x 8 cm
  • Colour: Mix
  • Content: about 8 glitter pills *


You want something special and personal? Then use our customize-option!

Create an individual Birthday-Greeting for the attached Congrat-Pill or even an own Picture** on the packing.

This present will be unforgettable.


Every product is made by hand extra for you!


*Warning: This product ist not edible. Keep away from children and animals.

**Pictures have to be sent with the Order-No. via E-Mail at The Greeting-Sentence can be added at the end of the order and can't be longer than 70 characters. We aren't liable for any mistakes in the writing or the content of the text nor the pictures.

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Birthday Edition (Customize)