For you, for me, for others! Our Exclusive Fuck you! Virus Edition

Surprise someone with a lot of boredom! In these times! Simply 10 hand-filled glitter pills filled with love, strength and healthy! Give away the slightly different experience between Netflix, News and Stay@home. Simply put a smile on your face and if the poop still steams, then stay true to this motto: open, sprinkle, look forward

Exclusive - Fuck you, Virus


     Baggy (8x12m)
     10 glitter pills
     Color: mix
     + FREE magnet

Each product is handmade, stuffed and packed for you. Our glitter is vegan and the capsules are biodegradable.


* Note: The capsules are not suitable for consumption! Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Don't just pull your nose and don't use it in the genital area. Important, when the product is opened, liability is transferred to the buyer.



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With every package you buy you support us and a non-profit organization!

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For cashiers, doctors, nurses ... there is a free glitter magnet, specially made for you. As a big thank you for your hard work!

Empire / Imperium


Here you'll find some infos about what we do, what our ambitions are, etc.


Hier erfahrt Ihr mehr über uns. Was wir so machen, was unsere Ambitionen sind, etc.

Production/ Herstellung


 You're interested how the pills are filled or the way we work?
Then you're right here!


Euch interessiert, wie die Pillen befüllt werden oder wie wir hier so arbeiten? Dann geht's hier entlang!



Some infos to our "Glitter for a better world" charity-campaign.


Ein paar Infos zu "Glitter for a better World", unsere Charity-Kampagne.