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 Dear glitter fans, dear people out there,


first of all my team would like to thank you for these wonderful, funny 3 years. I would never have thought that my glitter pills have already been sold in 27 countries! But a "wow".

But the #virus also hits us economically hard. Whether we are supported by the state is completely open, as is the case for many small businesses, the self-employed, artists and many more. There is currently a lot of talk, hardly any action! I have long considered whether we should bring our Fun @ Home to the market or not. But I prefer to act. In addition, with every Fun @ home editon sold, we will donate 2 euros to people, associations, organizations that really need economic help. I would like to make it clear that I am neither enriching nor making fun of the current situation. Many of you out there are doing a hard job, thanks for that. I, Ben Benjam Zahn, owner and creator of Sh! T the Glitter, stand with my name for, in front of and behind this campaign. The most important thing is: stay healthy, take care of the elderly, and never lose the humor that helps us with some strokes of fate!

For current occasions there is of course a strip of toilet paper for every edition sold (* as long as the type lasts);)))) and important: it is not a cure, not a stimulant but definitely 100% ECO.


With these words I tell you

be safe, be glitter


Your Ben Benjamin


Sir Ben - Chef vom Haufen

Empire / Imperium


Here you'll find some infos about what we do, what our ambitions are, etc.


Hier erfahrt Ihr mehr über uns. Was wir so machen, was unsere Ambitionen sind, etc.

Production/ Herstellung


 You're interested how the pills are filled or the way we work?
Then you're right here!


Euch interessiert, wie die Pillen befüllt werden oder wie wir hier so arbeiten? Dann geht's hier entlang!



Some infos to our "Glitter for a better world" charity-campaign.


Ein paar Infos zu "Glitter for a better World", unsere Charity-Kampagne.