1.Prepare the Potty Charta and find a nice place to locate it so that your child can easily see and reach it




2.Explain to your child that it will be now learning how to go to the toilet on its own




3.You can now demonstrate what tasks your child has to do (as described on the Charta) in order to get a glitter pill after going to the toilet and collect stickers




4.After the child went to the toilet you can reward it with a glitter pill that can be opened to pour the glitter into the toilet (the colorful glitter is enchanting and kids love it!)




5.For every fulfilled task the child gets a sticker for doing a great job which it can placed on the Charta






6.Keep in mind that every child is different. Your darling may need some time to understand how to use the toilet. So don’t give up too fast.




7.If you are running out of glitter pills and stickers you can get a refilling bag   here:




Pottytraining Card



-  1 Card

- 1 Charta

- tin with 5 Glitterpills

- 30 Sticker f. the Charta

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